A Visa, A prize and some ground beef! 2

Its been a busy three weeks since the last update!

Firstly Callum went to the US Embassy in London for his interview for a visa to be allowed to stay in the USA for six months. This gives plenty of time to travel over and hike plus decompress at the end before flying home. The concern was they would see him using the six month visa as a bridge for the Green Card he’s been waiting 16 months for and not allow him to travel. Armed with a statement of intent from me, website printout, copy of the charity donation page, Wilderness First Aid certificate etc he was seen as having a valid reason to travel and was approved. We are just waiting for his passport to be returned with the visa so he can book his flights.

This has resulted in a delay in our intended start date and we are looking at the week of 23rd February now. No huge deal and we are aiming to be on the trail by 01 March so some flexibility there.

I attended a screening of the movie “Mile….Mile and a half” in Austin. This film is about the John Muir Trail:


A very well made and high quality film and would add the JMT to my “to-do” list. For more information check out there website: http://themuirproject.com

The evening was hosted by Timber and Little Engine who I followed on their AT hike last year. They won the ATC “We are the Appalachian Trail” video competition last year with a great video:

At completion of the movie there was a raffle…..I was blessed to win a Mountain Hardware Hueco 35 Day pack and baseball cap!


I have been busy making trail food and packing/organizing our mail drops:

image(4)Mail drops ready to goimage(3) Trail miximage(2) Vacuum sealed imageGround beef dehydrated image(1)Hiker cake

Mail drop locations are currently:

  • Fontana Dam NC 28733
  • Erwin TN 37650
  • Damascus VA 24236
  • Harpers Ferry WV 25425
  • Daleville VA 24083
  • Delaware Water Gap PA 18327
  • Manchester VT 05255
  • Gorham NH 03581
  • Monson ME 04464

Preparation is mostly completed and once Callum receives his visa he can organize his flights then we can firm up a start date.

Getting “Trail Fever” and ready to head out!

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2 thoughts on “A Visa, A prize and some ground beef!

    • Britican Post author

      Jeff thanks for the comment and interest in our blog.

      The trail mix I made from items on sale/cheap in our local grocery store. The peanuts were on sale for $1 a jar so they were the basic ingredient. I added M&M’s party pack, bulk raisin packs, sunflower seeds, Chex mix and anything else similar that was on sale clearance. Then simply mixed it in a bucket and bagged it. I estimate the whole bucket cost a little over $20 to make.

      The hiker cake is 500g sugar and 150ml milk with mint flavor. I boiled the sugar and milk mix until it reach 275f then added mint extract and poured into a tray to cool. It sets hard but is full of energy calories.